Online Marketing
For Funeral Homes &
Cremation Providers

Online Marketing
For Funeral Homes & Cremation Providers

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About Us

Caleb Luketic, owner of Steel Marketing, here! We help Funeral Homes & Cremation Providers generate a steady flow of incoming, inbound client leads on a weekly, usually daily, basis.

We absolutely love getting to help Funeral Homes & Cremation Providers generate more leads & calls through our seasoned, tactical marketing techniques!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords (PPC), Pay-Per-Lead Services and Virtual Planning Pro — a software that helps you close more at-need and pre-need business — are just a few things we offer Funeral Homes & Cremation Providers! 

We love bringing peace of mind to business owners because they know that when Steel Marketing is on the job, they don’t have to go fishing for leads anymore… the leads just flop right in the boat for them!

We’ve been able to help businesses in 20+ industries, so you can rest assured that Steel Marketing is going to be able to help you flourish!

What We Offer To Funeral Homes & Cremation Providers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We pour the foundation with proper On-Page Optimization, then we continue building trust and authority with our seasoned Off-Page SEO methods, so Sellers find you on Google for years to come.

Google AdWords (PPC)

Our Google AdWords/PPC campaigns are structured differently than most. How? We force Google to work with us rather than the other way around. Our campaigns are built for the long-term success of our clients.


If you’re just looking to pay for leads, then this is the perfect option for you. Steel Marketing generates and sells at-need and pre-need leads directly from our seasoned online marketing methods. Schedule a consultation to see if this is the right fit for you.

Virtual Planning Pro

Our Virtual Planning Pro software helps you close more at-need and pre-need business WITHOUT ever speaking to the individual. Everything is done on your website — gathering information, selecting urns, signing paperwork… all at the click of a button.

Let's Get Folks CALLING YOU!

SEO Pricing


**Pricing Starts At $1000 & Is Based Your Online Competition, Domain Authority & A Few Other Factors**
$ 1000+/ Month
  • 100% Package Exclusivity
  • Complete On-Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Focused Map Pack Rankings Strategies
  • Yext Diamond Citation Package
  • Schema Markup Data
  • Blog Posts
  • Aged Links
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Steel Marketing’s Money Back Guarantee
  • Steel Marketing’s Top-Performing SEO Formula
  • Keyword Reports
  • Platinum Local Citations
  • Press Release
  • Social Signals
  • 30+ Web 2.0’s
  • 30+ High Authority Backlinks
  • Tiered Links

PPC Packages


<$1000/monthAd Spend
$ 450/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $350
  • Monthly Management Fee — $450


Up To $3000/month Ad Spend
$750/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $450
  • Monthly Management Fee — $750/month


Up To $6000/month Ad Spend
$ $950/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $650
  • Monthly Management Fee — $950


Up To $10,000/month Ad Spend
$ 1450/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $850
  • Monthly Management Fee — $1450


Up To $20,000/month Ad Spend
$2250/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $1050
  • Monthly Management Fee — $2250/month


Up To $50,000/month Ad Spend
$ $4350/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $1750
  • Monthly Management Fee — $4350

— Discounted PPC Pricing For Premier SEO Clients —


Up To $6,000/month Ad Spend
$ 600/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $350
  • Monthly Management Fee — $600

Cremation Pay-Per-Lead:
At-Need & Pre-Need

*** $500 Set Up Fee; Minimum Spend of $1000/month; Comes with 100% Exclusivity ***

First 15 Leads

$ 60/ Each

Leads 16-25

$ 50/ Each

Leads 26+

$ 45/ Each

Virtual Planning Pro

*** Convert More At-Need & Pre-Need Cremations All 100% ONLINE ***


$1500 Set Up Fee
$ 299/ Month
  • Unlimited Sales
  • $20/Each Abandoned Cart Lead
  • Automatic Review Request Sequences
  • Custom Insurance Provider Integration
  • Wordpress Website Included


$1500 Set Up Fee
$ 399/ Month
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart Leads
  • Automatic Review Request Sequences
  • Custom Insurance Provider Integration
  • Wordpress Website Included


$1500 Set Up Fee
$ 449/ Month
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart Leads
  • Automatic Review Request Sequences
  • Custom Insurance Provider Integration
  • Wordpress Website Included


Before We See Some Testimonies & Examples, Let's Talk About A Few Things

Does Steel Marketing work with everyone out there who’s alive and willing to pay an invoice? No, we aren’t the marketing company for every Funeral Home & Cremation Provider. We ONLY work with businesses that understand the concept of Return On Investment (ROI). Online marketing is an INVESTMENT, not an expense. 

You’ve spent years (decades, more like it) building a trustworthy brand and reputation in your local area, so why not capitalize on that to generate inbound traffic & leads from your website for yourself? There are countless folks who search every day looking for a Funeral Home or a Cremation Provider in your area. Reputation is a huge factor in their decision, but if you don’t display your reputation well… they likely are going to call your competition.

Why would you waste all those years of becoming extremely trustworthy in your community to not take it online where everyone can see it? With Steel Marketing, we put your brand at forefront of our marketing to help your Funeral Home become the #1 most-trusted name online in your local community!

What separates Steel Marketing from other online marketing companies? Let's dive in...

Steel Marketing provides 100% Exclusivity — we just take 1 Funeral Home Or Cremation Provider Per Market. It’s like having your own, personal in-house marketing team that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are on your side. We aren’t going to help you and your competition… just not how we roll! 

Plus, our strategies are very different from how most other agencies operate. When it comes to Google Adwords for Funeral Homes or Cremation Providers, we’ve learned a few things about how to structure a Google Adwords Campaign. This industry particularly has a few finicky things that could wind up costing you if you don’t know what you’re doing — for example, if you don’t exclude the words “pet” or “veterinarian,” you’re bound to get countless leads to cremate pets. Unless you’re a pet crematorium, you’ve just wasted your money! 

That’s why we released our Pay-Per-Lead program because it alleviates the worry and stress from Funeral Homes & Cremations Providers… why? Because you’re ONLY paying for legit at-need or pre-need leads — whether you close those leads is a whole other topic 😉 We take the guess work out of running paid ads! 

Plus, we FORCE Google to earn your business with how we manually bid on keywords from the start. We don’t just show them the hand we’re dealt. Think about it: Google has every reason to give you better leads because the higher quality each lead is you get from them, the more money you’re likely going to pay Google. We play into that with how we develop and strategize each campaign for our clients. Our process definitely is slower out of the gate, but that’s because we build our campaigns for long-lasting success.

Our SEO strategies are insanely powerful, too. We focus on two main components of Google’s Search Results: Organic & Maps. Lots of people, when searching for Funeral Home & Cremation Provider, go straight to the Maps as they research the company best suited for them. Steel Marketing not only makes sure your business is crushing it in the organic lists, but we help you properly fill out your Google My Business profile, teach you how to get more reviews and, overall, help you DOMINATE your competition!

Our packages are not for the faint of heart. People who work with Steel Marketing that are the most successful are the ones who spend somewhere between $2-4k/month with us. If those numbers scare you, Steel Marketing isn’t the right company for you. Sorry! 

*** But Fear Not!! There Is 3rd Party Funding Available. You Can Get Funding Based On OUR Proven Track Record, So You’ve Got Nothing To Lose To Jumpstart Your Business’ Growth! There’s No Reason NOT To Invest In Your Business With Steel Marketing 😉 

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Success Stories
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    Sasha Tall

    Finding Caleb and Steel Marketing has been a blessing. After wasting a bunch of money on Generation Web and Adwords... read more

    Matt Buttner Avatar
    Matt Buttner

    Only 2 months in with Steel Marketing and we've already got a deal under contract that came from Google organic... read more

    Andrew Hoelzel Avatar
    Andrew Hoelzel

    I am a client. They told me what they would do, did it, and continue to do it. Rare these... read more

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    Ray Evans

    Marketing is the key to business and I would recommend Steel Marketing to anyone that wants to take their business... read more

    Braylin Pichardo Avatar
    Braylin Pichardo

    Pretty solid SEO company. I've been working with Caleb for a little over a month, and my website it's already... read more

    Jeff Filali Avatar
    Jeff Filali

    Caleb is one of the best at SEO & other website services. He understands small business owners are growing... read more

  • Rafael Vazquez Avatar
    Rafael Vazquez

    Caleb and his team jumped right in from the beginning and in a matter of about a month and a... read more

    Reda Chorfi Avatar
    Reda Chorfi

    Great customer service and excellent communication. Caleb goes above and beyond to assist his customers. SEO may take time in... read more

    Christian Rivera Avatar
    Christian Rivera

    Caleb is amazing! Steel Marketing truly cares for their customers. I have seen them go above and beyond time and... read more


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