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Facebook has become engrained in the lives of almost everyone who has a smart phone. Whether we’re in bed, in the bathroom or trying to pass time, we’re usually on Facebook.

Guess what? SO ARE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS!! Steel Marketing is here to help put your business in front of your ideal audiences to drive more traffic to your site, convert more leads and, most importantly, help you generate an incredible ROI!

Facebook Ad Packages

*** Packages Include Regular Ads & Retargeting Ads // If You Only Want Retargeting Ads, Take 30% Off Set Up Fee ***


Less Than $1000/month Spend
$ 550/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $350
  • Monthly Management Fee — $550


Up To $3,000/month Ad Spend
$ 750/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $450
  • Monthly Management Fee — $750


Up To $6,000/month Ad Spend
$ 1050/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $650
  • Monthly Management Fee — $1050


Up To $10,000/month Ad Spend
$ 1650/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $850
  • Monthly Management Fee — $1650


Up To $20,000/month Ad Spend
$ 2450/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $1350
  • Monthly Management Fee — $2450


Up To $50,000/month Ad Spend
$ 4650/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $2550
  • Monthly Management Fee — $4650

— Discounted Facebook Ad Pricing For Premier SEO Clients —


Up To $6,000/month Ad Spend
$ 600/ Month
  • Set Up Fee — $350
  • Monthly Management Fee — $600
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    Chris Stu

    I’ve worked with some so called “SEO experts” in the past. But they were far from an expert. Then I... read more

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    Shawn Morgan

    Caleb is great to work with. As a web designer, it’s always great to partner with someone knowledgeable about driving... read more

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    Sasha Tall

    Finding Caleb and Steel Marketing has been a blessing. After wasting a bunch of money on Generation Web and Adwords... read more

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    Paul Knoblauch

    I really appreciate what Caleb and Steel Marketing have done for me thus far. I've been with other companies who... read more

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    Laura Patterson

    Steel marketing has changed our business! We ranked number 1 in our market in just 3 months! They also built... read more

    Israel Ramirez Avatar
    Israel Ramirez

    Super reliable company, I am extremely impressed with there knowledge and what they offer. You can't match it with what... read more

  • Andrew Hoelzel Avatar
    Andrew Hoelzel

    I am a client. They told me what they would do, did it, and continue to do it. Rare these... read more

    Jeff Filali Avatar
    Jeff Filali

    Caleb is one of the best at SEO & other website services. He understands small business owners are growing... read more

    Ray Evans Avatar
    Ray Evans

    Marketing is the key to business and I would recommend Steel Marketing to anyone that wants to take their business... read more


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