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Google Adwords can bring immediate traffic to your website. While PPC is not Steel Marketing’s preferred method for longterm growth and success of a business, it’s a beautiful complimentary marketing piece to SEO!

Here at Steel Marketing marketing, we’ll craft a methodology specifically tailored to YOUR business that can combine SEO and PPC to give you the best results not just in the here and now but to set your business up for growth and success for years and years to come. Plus when you add on PPC to your SEO package with Steel Marketing, we’ll waive all monthly management fees associated with PPC!

PPC Packages

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Pay-Per-Click is best designed and utilized when you’re wanting to target a specific city, zip code or even neighborhood. If you’re using PPC to blanket an area like Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas, then you’re probably going to spend a lot of money. If you are going after a PPC campaign, make sure you’re using it in a highly targeting fashion or your budget will get very large quickly. 


Search Engine Optimization is going to be a broad search term solution. So let’s say that you’re wanting to go after Nashville, Tennessee, and all the surrounding cities. Going with SEO is going to be a great way to blanket a multitude of keywords because it costs relatively the same to go after 5 keywords as it does 8 or 10. Plus, you’re not paying per click, so you can get an unlimited number of clicks coming to your website.

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Success Stories


We reached out to Caleb when we first got started about 7 months ago to really get an online presence. Caleb educated us on the SEO process, and we’ve seen great and tremendous returns from working with Steel Marketing!


Adam Johnson

Owner, Mogul Investment Group

Caleb has been great! We were looking for new ways to generate leads online, and I’m so glad we went with Steel Marketing for SEO. The return on investment from SEO has been second to none!

Laura Patterson

Owner, Patterson Property Solutions

The lead generation we’ve gotten from SEO has been unreal. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with all the calls and jobs we keep getting. I’m going to have to hire another plumber because of the volume of leads we keep getting!

Andrew Francis

Owner, Pro Plumbing

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