Ohio Cash Buyers, a real estate investment company, is based just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. They target Cincinnati, Dayton and all surrounding areas of both cities. Bryan Blankenship, Ohio Cash Buyers’ owner, found Steel Marketing back in June or so of 2019 through some mutual connections on Facebook. After a few phone calls and shopping around, Bryan decided that Steel Marketing was the best fit to take his business where wanted it to go after he saw — and called a few clients of ours to hear it from the source what Steel Marketing did for them 😉 — how we were able to help a few other REI businesses grow! Bryan and Ohio Cash Buyers had done some online marketing in the past, and he knew how valuable Google could be to the growth of his business. Before coming to Steel Marketing, the results they got weren’t necessarily bad, but they had underperformed expectations they had originally. Plus, BIG SHOCKER HERE, the previous company who worked on their SEO didn’t Optimize their Carrot site fully, which led to some ranking & lead flow issues. Remember, optimizing your website is the foundation to a successful SEO Campaign! They were ranking pretty well for most keywords… they had a bunch of top 3 keywords. But that was the thing… they were just #3, not #1. They were generating some leads, but they were missing out on TONS of traffic by not being ranked at the top across the board. Let’s take a look at what Steel Marketing did to get them to not only rank incredibly well, but getting Ohio Cash Buyers to a point where they are consistently bringing in 15-20 leads per month with SEO.

They had an overall ranking position of 17.8, which is equivalent to an average of page 2… not too bad! They were showing up for 58 keywords that we were tracking for them, but there were still 10 keywords that weren’t even showing up in the first 10 pages.

Holy Smokes!! After just a month of our seasoned SEO Process, EVERY SINGLE KEYWORD we were tracking for was in the top 3 except for 2 keywords that were ranking #4 — we were able to move those couple lagging keywords into the top 3 just fine 😉

Want to know the big secret formula that got them to this point? On Page Optimization & Company credibility. Were those the only 2 things we did? Of course not, but they were definitely the most important!!

Their business had been around for quite a while, but they were never properly established across the web, meaning Google had a hard time differentiating them between others. Ohio Cash Buyers never told Google SPECIFICALLY who they were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which directly correlated to their problem of seemingly hitting a wall in the rankings — I guess you can blame that on their previous SEO company 🤷‍♂️

After just a month, they were consistently bringing 10-15 leads per month, and we’ve been able to continually increase that total as we expand and rank them for more keywords until one day, they just totally dominate the Cincinnati and Dayton areas across the board!!

And yes, Ohio Cash Buyers has gotten a nice, solid ROI from their investment into SEO 😉

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap. Our proven processes are… well, just that — PROVEN! We’ve got case study after case study that we’re the best in the business.

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