The S.T.U.P.I.D. Method:

Our content creation method is designed for folks who HATE TO WRITE!! This is how you can create content on your website without ever actually typing a single word.

Step 1: Shoot/Record the video. Using an iPhone, Android or any smart phone, you can record a TON of video content!

Step 2: Transcribe the video through They charge $1.25/minute to transcribe and $1.25/minute to add captions to a video. That’s a great additive that’s not needed, but I think is extremely important to have!

Step 3: Upload to Youtube! Be sure to fill out the title & description boxes thoroughly! This is super key.

Step 4: Post on your website. Create a blog post that includes an embedded link to your video & transcription of the video!

Step 5: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… share the blog post across all social media and the whole internet!

Step 6: Duplicate the process and do it again!

Video Transcription:

Hey everyone, Caleb Luketic here with Steel Marketing. Today, we’re going to be talking about a content creation process called the stupid method. I know it sounds a little bit weird, but we’re going to go through it. This stuff definitely does impact your SEO, no question about it. I ask all of my premier SEO clients to do this because it does help. It really, really does. Google loves content. They love activity. They love to see you guys all over social media and just all over the internet in general. All right, so we’re going to go in and just jump right in here.

So step one is shooting that video, recording that video, using an iPhone, using an Android, some sort of a smartphone that you have. That is the first step. That’s the best thing to do. Because guess what? You can totally tell that I’m holding this thing out. You can totally tell that I’m real. This just looks real. It looks more intimate. People love and trust when they can tell that you’re a real human being, that you’re a real local company as well. So it’s definitely a great idea to shoot this on your phone. You can always do it more professionally, of course, of course, of course, but still rule of thumb is, Hey, shooting a video like this, it’s better to have content like this than nothing at all. All right.

Step two is transcribing this video. I use a website called, They charge $1.25 a minute to transcribe and $1.25 a minute to add captions. I highly recommend adding captions, not so much for an SEO perspective, but more from the perspective of your audience, your end user watching this video, they’re going to be able to follow along, get the context of what you’re saying without ever turning on audio. Because hey, they might not be in a position to turn on the audio, right? They might be at work, in a public place that they can’t turn audio on, but they’re interested in hearing what you have to say. So that’s a very important thing, I believe. But worst case, at least transcribe it. We’re going to get there of where you’re going to use that.

Next is you’re going to upload this video to YouTube. Fill out that title, fill out the description. One little tip on the title, I would suggest to put your company name at the very end of every YouTube video that you upload. Google loves to see that. It just helps them know that that is your brand.

Next, the P in stupid, post. Make a blog post here. All right? On the website you’re going to create a blog post that now you can embed the YouTube video that you’ve just uploaded and copy and paste the transcription text into a blog post. So now you’ve literally written a blog post without ever actually typing something out. Most folks don’t like to write, so this is a real simple, easy way to pump out content like crazy without actually ever typing anything, right? That’s awesome. So this is a great way for you guys to do that.

Next, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zillow if you’re in to the real estate industry, social media, sharing your blog posts from your website all over the internet everywhere. The more you share it, the more Google sees it, the more they’re going to take note and say, “Okay, all right, what’s happening here? They’ve got this content on YouTube. They’ve got this text. They’ve got a blog post. They’re all over Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and everything.” That is what Google loves to see. This stuff definitely impacts your SEO, no question about it.

Lastly, do it again. Duplicate the process. This is a very simple thing that each video in total from shooting it to uploading it to sharing it on social media should take you probably 7 to 10 minutes per video. That’s it and the best part, the end parts of this after you shoot the video can pretty much be outsourced completely to a virtual assistant, to somebody on your staff, whatever. So just think, how can you take an extra 10 minutes every day, whether you’re at an appointment, on the job site, wherever you are, how can you take 10 extra minutes a day and shoot a video about your company, about the processes, how you can help people, what services you offer and things like that? Google is going to love that. They’re going to absolutely love seeing that stuff. So guys, I hope you guys take this to heart. Take advantage. The people that use my stupid method do really well. I promise you. They absolutely do. All right, thanks. See ya.