There are multiple ways to market your business, establish credibility and let customers know about your services. You’ve got flyers you can hang door-to-door, bandit signs or billboards, newspaper ads, Yellow Pages listings, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau, word of mouth and so much more.

But there’s one thing that allows your customers to do their own research about who you are: by visiting your website. Your website is your business’ image, who you are and your credibility. You want people to call you and hire you for jobs or pay for your services, right? Well, it’s important to give your clientele a chance to do their own homework about your company.

When searching for services, people do one of two things: they Google it or go to Facebook to ask for recommendations from other folks in their area — which we go into greater detail about here.

Nowadays, customers want to feel educated about the decision they are making. What do they do? They Google your company name, they’ll find your Facebook page, they’ll find other local citations you’ve made and, above all, they’ll look at your website. They won’t just look: they’ll analyze, dissect and study who you are as a business.

Your website is your biggest reputation provider, so you want to make sure you have it done right! If you don’t have a website, it’s time you start the process of creating one, whether you hire someone out or do it yourself. We talk about the best website builder out there — hint, it’s starts with a ‘W’ and ends in ‘ordpress’ 😉

You want to establish all of your services, all your promotions, the areas you service, about your company, photo & descriptions of core team members and give all the details you possibly can. What’s your mission? What’s your passion? Where do you service? How do you help people? Folks searching for your services want to know that you’re real, you’re local and you’re going to have their best interests in mind. Your website is your avenue to do all of these things 🙂

If you want a website created, go to our web design page! Steel Marketing is here to help with building your website  and generating more leads than ever before!