Rose Quality Garage Doors offers residential and commercial garage door repair and installation all throughout Middle TN — the greater Nashville area. RQGD’s owner Steve found Steel Marketing via a Google Search after he went searching for the “best SEO company in Murfreesboro,” and he found the right one 😉

RQGD happens to be in Steel Marketing’s backyard of Murfreesboro TN (just about 25-30 minutes south of Nashville), so we met up with Steve, saw where he was and made a game plan to help his business grow. His business was definitely in a rough spot.

Before signing on with Steel Marketing, RQGD had their fair share of issues when it came to working with other online marketing companies without a doubt. Their previous website company, essentially, held their website hostage and wouldn’t give it over to Steve. We aren’t here to pass judgement, blame or call anyone out here. From our perspective and what we were told, this is what was going on. On top of this, RQGD’s Google My Business had gotten suspended after some questionable things occurred on the listing. 

Long story short, we had our work cut out for us from the get-go. And, Steve said they were getting zero calls in, which was killing their business. Things could’ve been worse if things didn’t turn around so quickly.

We rebuilt his entire website, deployed proper on-page SEO, got our seasoned SEO process started and began running some Google Adwords campaigns as well.

             First Step, Good On-Page SEO

These 2 screenshots of RQGD’s average ranking position on Google search results are just 4 days apart. The first is where they were when we started, and the second screenshot was taken 4 days after their brand new website went live… check this out:

Wowza… that’s a heck of a jump right there! They SKYROCKETED 83 spots in 4 days. Go back and read it again, 83 spots in 4 days. 19 keywords that were non-existent shot up into the top 3 results on page 1. 

Best part about all of this? They got calls THAT SAME DAY, and the calls haven’t stopped rolling in.

200+ Leads In Less Than 4 Months

The screenshot below shows the call history of RQGD from early November 2019 through March 1 2020… just shy of 4 months by a few days.

170 total calls in less than 4 months PLUS 40+ contact forms filled out in the same span. Roughly 210 total leads in 4 months… yeah, that tends to jumpstart a business again.

What Steve & His Wife Had To Say

Read their testimony/review for yourself on our Facebook Page, but here’s a quick screenshot of it. After just a couple of weeks… they are receiving more calls than ever before!!

                                                   How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap. Our proven processes are… well, just that — PROVEN! We’ve got case study after case study that we’re the best in the business.

Steel Marketing makes taking the leap even easier because, after being thoroughly vetted & approved, we now offer 100% funding available from our 3rd party funding partner. 

You can invest in your business with zero dollars out of your own pocket — grow your business with OPM (other people’s money!!) No prepayment penalty, no initial investment required from you & there’s no payment for 30 days. 

Get ready to jump start your business today. Steel Marketing has you covered. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION Today!!