SEO Case Study: Nashville CBD Solutions // Nashville, TN

Nashville CBD Solutions is a shop in Nashville, TN, that sells CBD-related products like CBD Oil, gummies, bath bombs, candies, hygiene products and so much more. As I’m sure all of you reading this know about the major rise in CBD-related products over the past couple of years, so there’s a decent amount of competition in a bigger city like Nashville.

We made contact with owner, Dan, in late 2018, and he decided to take the plunge into SEO in the beginning of February 2019. Dan was looking for a solid marketing strategy that would bring in a consistent flow of customers to his store. He tried social media marketing & other forms of outbound marketing, but he wanted a more inbound, passive way for folks to find him.

Dan had his website ranked sporadically across Google — for one or two keywords they were ranking in the top 5 organically, but the rest were virtually nonexistent. So they weren’t getting much traffic to the website, so it was our goal to increase that and generate more sales!

We did our keyword research, and we found that there were a few really good keywords that were getting some good search traffic online. Some were Nashville CBD Oil, CBD Oil shop Nashville, and CBD Store Nashville. Let’s check out how things turned out!

Here’s 4 keywords that we got Nashville CBD Solutions ranked in the top 2 in the Google Map Pack!! Wanna know how long it took us to get them from nonexistent on the map pack to here? About 3 weeks… that’s it!!!

We focused on dominating the map pack because that’s where the majority of searchers choose a store is from the map pack section. Getting ranked in the map pack section can be extremely valuable for your business!

Nashville CBD Solutions will continue to be ranked highly for these keywords & others as we continually work on their campaign to truly totally dominate the Nashville CBD Landscape. Since joining Steel Marketing, they opened up a second shop as well in nearby Brentwood, TN!

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

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