SEO Case Study: Gen 1:29 CBD Oil // Murfreesboro, TN

Gen 1:29 CBD Oil is a CBD oil shop based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They sell CBD related products — different flavored oils, a wide variety of gummies and so much more. They first opened in August of 2018, and the owner Adam Swanson knew that generating leads would be important to drive business to the store.
Adam Swanson & Manager Logan Cole reached out to Steel Marketing when they first opened in August of 2018. 
Gen 1:29 CBD Oil was a brand new business, so there was little recognition of them anywhere on the internet except Facebook and a few other places. After we met with Adam, we formulated a plan that would help them keep leads flowing in for weeks, months and years to come.

Month 1: What We Did

We began editing & optimizing their website, as well as their Google My Business listing. The Google My Business listing was key in getting them solidified on the map pack for multiple keyword searches, one of them being ‘CBD Oil Murfreesboro,’ which is shown here.

We did local citations, gave them good high authority backlinks and optimized their Google My Business listing. With those all working together perfectly, Gen 1:29 was able to get to the top & stay there.

Their manager Logan Cole, who runs the day-to-day operations in the store, said, “We were at the top of google within a month and have stayed there since.” He said that the Google Map Listing continues to bring in dozens upon dozens of extra customers per month.

Gen 1:29 CBD Oil is not going anywhere on the map pack and neither are their customers!

As you can see, this case is a little shorter than some of our other case studies, but that’s only because Gen 1:29 CBD Oil got ranked extremely quickly… that was that! There’s not a whole lot more you can do or say after you’re already #1 😉

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

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