SEO Case Study: Easy Sale HomeBuyers // Raleigh, NC

Easy Sale HomeBuyers is a real estate investment company that is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. BJ Ward & his wife run Easy Sale HomeBuyers; they buy and hold houses as rentals, fix and flips, and wholesale properties to other investors as well.
Like most other real estate investors, they tried other traditional methods of marketing like bandit signs, direct mail, letters, door knocking and whatever else they thought might bring in leads!
BJ started to do SEO himself a few years ago for his company with a different domain name. He got it ranking pretty well — steadily in the top 3. He soon realized how much time & energy it takes to keep up with your rankings to ensure they don’t fall like this did. He changed his brand since then — same business, new company name — and he knew that he needed to get someone to handle SEO because of how important it is for good lead generation but also for someone to maintain it 24/7.

Month 1: Where They Were & What We Did

BJ had a lot of SEO work done already as you can see from his rankings that we checked on day 1 of his SEO campaign, but he wasn’t being as consistent as he knew he needed to be. The lead flow was not too shabby, but being ranked in the top 3 means that more folks searching for what Easy Sale HomeBuyers offers, the likelier chance of them clicking & calling BJ. So that’s where Steel Marketing’s seasoned SEO process came into play… we ramped things up with their on-page SEO, gave them high authority backlinks & everything our process calls for.

Easy Sale HomeBuyers began working with Steel Marketing on December 19, 2018. This screenshot was taken on December 31st… just 12 days later! Our seasoned process relies on incredible on page SEO, as well as the highest quality off page & backlinking. They both are what they sound like: on page = your website, off page = other websites pointing to yours. After optimizing Easy Sale HomeBuyers’ website & doing our SEO process for a short amount of time, the results were remarkable! They went from having okay/middle page 1 SEO Rankings to being within the top two spots, generating leads & making more money! Going from 6 to 2 or 15 to 1 makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world when it comes to SEO!


Big Takeaways

While BJ did a great job doing SEO work on his own, it can definitely be challenging to keep up with daily SEO tasks while trying to run your business too! That’s where Steel Marketing comes in: if you have your website ranking on the bottom of page 1 or even middle of page1, moving from 5, 8 or 9 into the top 2 can make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to generating leads for your business. Almost 70% of all Google searches end up with the searcher clicking on one of the first three organic results. Making sure your business’ website is ranked in the top 3 there is extremely important because that’s going to be the difference between you generating leads and not.

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

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