Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there; it reaches teenagers to baby boomers. Some businesses utilize Facebook marketing perfectly, but others don’t either because they are too lazy or just have never been taught.

This post is intended to give business owners ideas on what to post and how to better engage with their audience in the local community!

Before we get into ideas of what to post and how to engage with your audience, let’s make sure your Facebook page is 100% set up and filled out. Go through all the main settings; be sure your business name is correct for your NAP (which we talk about in our post about local citations), be sure your phone number, email address, business address, website, and everything is spelled out for customers to find. Setting a good header image is important too. You can pay someone on Fiverr to create a logo/header for you or go to Canva to do it for free yourself.

You have to also make sure people are actually seeing what you post! Invite your friends and anyone in the local community to like your page. Share you page in local community groups and post on your personal page for people to share and like it!

After all of that is set up and people start liking your page, let’s dive right in!

Here’s a good list of things you can post on your Facebook Business Page:

  • Specials you are running — including images are a big help with that. Again, you use Canva or Fiverr for those.
  • Photos of work your business has done.
  • Photos of workers, your store or equipment your business uses.
  • Video Testimonials of customers, which you can shoot directly on your iPhone or Android.
  • Get animated videos created on Fiverr that tell about your services; it’ll cost you $10-30 to get one made.
  • Take videos/do a Facebook live of you and your crew at a job site. Explain what you’re doing, explain how you’re helping your client/customer and talk about any deals you may be running at that time.
  • Post tips or tricks for free that customers can try — like if you’re an HVAC company, tell folks the most energy efficient temperature their house should be set at during that particular season.
  • Post any big achievements — certain amount of customers served, years in business, etc.
  • Last but not least, anything you think that a potential customer or client could benefit from… anything at all!

The more you’re posting, the more exposure you’re going to get. We talk about getting some extra exposure for free in Facebook Groups in another post, so combining the stuff you post and connecting with an audience to see, watch and read your posts, it will result in an uptick in business for you!

Just be sure to be consistent with your posts. A great feature on your business page is that you can schedule posts, so you can take a day or two and plan out posts for an entire week or month so you don’t have to worry about it! Learn how to use those tools because they can save you hours and hours of time just by being able to schedule content for your business!