As a business owner, you can seemingly get overwhelmed by all the different marketing channels that are out there: passing out flyers door-to-door, Groupon, BBB, Yelp, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Facebook, Google, SEO, PPC… there’s almost too many marketing channels to keep track of. But you want the one that’s going to give you the BEST Return on Investment, right?

So let’s focus on the one that we’ve found gives businesses, time and time again, the best ROI no matter the industry: SEO. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a fancy term that has a very simple definition: the process in which you rank your website in the organic section of Google. It consists of two main components: on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is anything and everything that deals with your website. Off page SEO deals with backlinks and things that are pointing back to your website.

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one website another. Sometimes, they look like this: click here or have a specific keyword. There are different levels of backlinks from low to high authority. Essentially, the more high authority backlinks you get, combined with perfect on page SEO, the higher your SEO rankings are. And the higher your rankings are, the more folks call you & the more money you make!

That’s great and all, but how can this help grow my business & make me more money? 

Well, think about it… what do you do when you want to find a new Mexican restaurant to eat at? You pull out your phone & Google it. Google is so popular that it’s no longer a noun but a verb in our daily conversations. “Hey, can you Google a BBQ Chicken recipe for me?” I mean, we Google anything and everything nowadays. 

Why wouldn’t you want your business to be on the largest search engine platform in the world? The great thing about SEO is that leads/clients call YOU directly. You didn’t have to send out postcards, you didn’t have to hang flyers, you didn’t have to do ANYTHING… they just call you wanting your services. Talk about an EASY SALE!!

SEO is an investment that should not be taken lightly though. I’m sure you’ve gotten emails from folks overseas talking about SEO, increasing your rankings, blah blah blah. It may be cheap but the results are not effective whatsoever. You get what you pay for!!!! If you’re going for the cheap route, you’re going to get essentially nothing in return.

Now, SEO does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but it certainly is going to cost more than the $100/month these overseas guys are charging to get you legitimate results.

Here at Steel Marketing, our goal is to help businesses grow like never before. We’re not here to steal your money, we’re here to make you more of it! We’ve helped businesses DOUBLE their revenue before, and we can help you work toward achieving that same goal. We’ve even got a 90 day money back guarantee on our SEO services!

Before hiring an SEO company, do your homework on them. Ask for proof that they’ve ranked other people, ask to speak to those clients, and ask for outlines of what you’ll be getting each month. We give you all of that here at Steel Marketing — check out our case studies of real clients that we’ve helped.

We’re here to be transparent with you… not to be shady and hide what we’re doing.

If you’re curious about what we offer, check out our SEO Services page. If you’re ready to grow your business & make more money, schedule a consultation today!