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These SEO Packages combine everything Steel Marketing has… and then some! We don’t just get results; we get results FAST — just take a peek at our Client Case Studies 😉

 Steel Marketing’s Premier SEO Package comes with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee & Our 100% Market and Niche Exclusivity Promise, so not only are our results guaranteed, we’ll only be helping YOU in your quest of crushing your competition!

Our Packages

 Our SEO Packages

Let’s go over each of the three packages, so you pick the right package for you — and don’t go it alone, schedule a consultation with us today to pick the package that’s right for you!

Our Premier SEO Package is our most popular and most effective plan available. We created the Starter & Advanced plans for businesses who wanted to get into SEO, but they might not have the budget capacity for our Premier plans. We want to see businesses succeed, and we love being a catalyst for small business growth!!!

Starter SEO Package:

With our Starter SEO Package, that $499/month price should fit anyone’s budget. We know that spending thousands and thousands of dollars on SEO can be a stretch for some small businesses, so we did our best to create a more affordable option.

For smaller businesses, we also offer our Takeoff Program, which is designed for businesses who want to generate leads off of Google, but they just might not be able to shell out thousands of dollars to get things going. We front all the costs and help get you going — you just pay per lead — and our Takeoff Program comes with our 100% exclusivity guarantee, unlike the Starter SEO Package.

The Starter SEO Package also does not come with Steel Marketing’s Money Back or 100% Market & Niche Exclusivity Guarantee

Advanced SEO Package:

Our Advanced SEO Package comes with a little more pop and flare than our Starter SEO Packages does. This package comes with more advanced On-Page SEO tactics, which help build a better foundation for your SEO campaign. Under the Advanced Package, you’re getting more local citations and great, high quality press releases that really help build your trust in Google’s eyes. Our Advanced SEO Package is definitely going to help increase your rankings — sadly, it still falls short of Premier SEO package 😉

If you’re debating between the Starter and Advanced packages, maybe you also want to consider our Takeoff Program — again, it’s a pay per lead structure and it comes with our 100% exclusivity guarantee, unlike the Starter & Advanced packages.

The Advanced SEO Package also does not come with Steel Marketing’s Money Back or 100% Market & Niche Exclusivity Guarantee

Premier SEO Package:

If you’re really wanting your business to grow with legitimate results, this is the package for you — every single business in our case studies utilizes our Premier SEO Package!!!!

How we price our Premier SEO Package is based on these 2 things: population size & online competition. The more competition you have in a bigger population, the more SEO work it’s going to take to get you to the top of Google — but don’t worry, Steel Marketing’s seasoned SEO process is guaranteed. Prices begin at $1000 and can go as high as $3000 or $4000 per month, but most folks fall between $1000-2000/month — only businesses going after multiple largely populated metro areas and/or national campaigns will reach above the $2000/month threshold.

We also stagger our pricing each month to lessen your initial investment into SEO! The closer you get to page 1, the more competition you have to overcome. Therefore, we need to do more work to get you to leapfrog them. But don’t worry, there will be NOTHING unexpected coming your way. Plus, whatever prices we give you, you’ll be locked in at those rates. The only thing that can happen is your SEO price going down, NOT UP!!

WHY DO WE DO THAT? We want to help create the best Return On Investment possible from SEO! So it wouldn’t make sense for us to charge you at a consistent high rate when, in reality, things fluctuate from month-to-month on what’s needed. Again, we give you a structured price breakdown, so you can plan your budget accordingly! We are here to help your business grow & succeed like never before!!

Only our Premier SEO Package includes Steel Marketing’s Seasoned Ranking Process — no other set of packages we offer includes this guaranteed, trusted process. This is the fastest way to get your site ranked atop Google to put your business DIRECTLY in front of your customers!

But don’t worry, we’ll give you specific numbers & explain it all when you schedule a consultation!

How To Rank My Website On Google

What exactly do these packages include?

The Premier SEO Packages Include Local Citations, Tiered Link-Building Strategies, High Authority Backlinks, Social Signals, On-Page Optimization, Blog Content Creation for your website, Weekly and Monthly Ranking Reports and, most importantly, our seasoned, strategic process that’s been time-tested. We hand-craft each and every link that comes back to your site, so there’s no need to worry about automation or robots.

We cannot possibly include everything we do to rank your website —primarily because we don’t want your competition to get our process and out-rank you — but we will go more in depth during our consultation to outline things & answer any questions you have!

Why don’t we detail everything we do?

For our competition and yours! We don’t want our — and your — competition to get ahold of our ranking secrets and strategies. If you’d like for us to go more in-depth about what we do, down to the nitty-gritty, we’d be happy to set up a call with you to discuss!

The above Premier SEO Packages are based on the following factors ranked in order of greatest to least importance: online competition in your niche, city population size and how much SEO work you’ve had done to your site. We base our prices off of the population of the main/biggest city you’re going after, like Nashville, TN. Then we’d include all the smaller surrounding cities as well! 

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