YNP Home Solutions is a real estate investment company based out of Falling Waters, West Virginia. YNP Home Solutions services clients in Eastern West Virginia, Western Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania — otherwise known to locals as the Tri-State area.

YNP’s Owner, Brooks Everline, reached out to Steel Marketing back in April of 2019 about helping out with their SEO and PPC marketing. Brooks heard about Steel Marketing from some other clients of ours who were having big success, and he thought, “well, why don’t I reach out? I’ve got nothing to lose to chat with them.” I’m sure he’s glad he called us 😉

YNP Home Solutions, like most real estate investor clients of ours, use an Investor Carrot Website, and Brooks also bought Carrot’s do-it-yourself SEO course called the 3 Leads Per Day Training. There’s some great content in there, but for a business owner who’s trying to run his/her business’ daily operations, it can be a challenge to try and learn something that feels foreign. But Brooks did incredibly well with the 3LPD training modules, as he got himself on page 1 for 9 different cities — only 4 of those keywords were #1 rankings… keep that in mind as you read 🙂 — but as you can read about here, there’s a HUGE difference between just being on page 1 vs ranking #1.

Brooks knew he needed to get over the hump and get ranked at the top, so that’s where Steel Marketing came into play! He wanted us to get him from the bottom or middle of page 1 to the top. We not only helped Brooks with his SEO, but we also got him rolling with his Google Adwords/PPC (we’ll get to that a little later).

Day 1: Before We Edited & Optimized The Website

Like I said, not too shabby! 9 keywords on page 1 when we got started. Let’s fast forward 3 days later…

Boom! Make it a cool dozen! 12 keywords on page 1, 9 of which were in the top 3. What did we do to see this solid jump? On-Page Optimization! We optimized his whole Carrot site, built out city-specific landing pages, pinged Google and look at the results.

Down below, this is screenshot of their current rankings at the time of us writing this. 11 keywords in the top 3 — 10 of those are #1 rankings!! Overall, every single keyword is in the top 5! That’s awesome stuff right there! We’ll continue to push until all keywords are pinned to the top!  Also worth mentioning, the one keyword that is now in the top 10 (ranking #5) was nowhere to be found on Google when we began our process — aka non-existent!

All these rankings are great and dandy and all, but what about leads? What about money made?

Well, we know that YNP Home Solutions has closed a few deals from SEO 😉 We don’t share everyone’s personal and/or business numbers here most of the time unless prompted by our clients. But these guys wanted to take things up a notch…

So let’s talk about what Steel Marketing has done for them from the Google Adwords/PPC perspective as well. YNP Home Solutions was using another PPC company who was charging them for running their ads, and they were doing an okay job… nothing that was off the charts exciting. After some chats, Steel Marketing took over YNP’s PPC as well and within the first TWO days they got a lead, set an appointment and felt confident about the chances of getting a contract — that was just the beginning.

Not only did we increase the performance of their campaign, but we actually saved them money! How? Well, Steel Marketing gives premier SEO clients a discount on their PPC management — we do YNP’s for FREE 😉 You can find out more about those discounts here: https://steelmarketing.org/google-adwords-ppc/

We love seeing wins all across the board for our clients, and YNP Home Solutions is yet another great example of how powerful our seasoned processes are!

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap. Our proven processes are… well, just that — PROVEN! We’ve got case study after case study that we’re the best in the business.

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