SEO Case Study: Mogul Investment Group // Tulsa, OK

Mogul Investment Group is a real estate investment company that operates out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Partners Adam Johnson & Sean McCann run the operation: Adam is a licensed realtor, while Sean has a contracting & wholesaling background. 
They launched MIG early 2018, so they were looking at ways to generate leads. They noticed that Steel Marketing was doing SEO work for another investment company in Tennessee called Favor Home Solutions, so they reached out to inquire about how things work. 
They had a domain name, they had a small website built but that was the extent of their online marketing efforts. When they signed up with Steel Marketing, we built their whole site out: city pages, new content, on-page optimization… the whole nine yards. They, too, saw quick ranking results. 

Month 1: What We Did

Month 1 consisted of us going on their website, building out city pages, editing content, and optimizing everything to make sure that Google picked up on what they were trying to rank for. Now, you’ll notice a difference in the amount of keywords from end of month 1 and beyond here. Reason being is Adam & Sean decided they wanted to go after more suburb cities, so we just created city pages, added the keywords and were off to the races!

Now keep in mind with these rankings, they had a brand new website. They had no domain authority, absolutely zero SEO work done and they still were ranked #4 in an outskirt city outside Tulsa after just 1 month. So even if your site is just like Mogul Investment Group’s was, we can get you ranked with similar results!

We, here at Steel Marketing, are going to set expectations for you that will most likely be anywhere from 2-6 months. We told Mogul Investment Group that it’d take at least 6 months to get on page 1 for Tulsa and 3-4 months for all the outskirt cities… we torched that. We do that in order for you keep your expectations where they should be, so you’re not focusing on SEO as a primary lead producer. While SEO is taking off, continue to market your other methods that are working. When SEO kicks in 100%, you’ll know it & you’ll have your best marketing channel yet!

Month 2: Big Increases

Look at this increase! So this month Mogul wanted to add new cities, so we did. And here’s the results from it. There are multiple keywords on page 1 already for multiple cities! Now, they did not generate meaningful leads yet. Did they have leads flowing in right now? Yes, just a few here and there. They weren’t really anything more than someone having a house listed on the MLS that was priced too high, the owners wanted to sell but they didn’t want to budge on price or accept a creative option for financing to make it work. But Mogul made offers, which is what it’s all about in the real estate game! The more offers you make, the better.

Month 3: Verge Of Page 1

Month 3 saw drastic increases all across the board, and during this month (and into month 4) Mogul Investment Group got a couple listings from SEO leads, which helped cover their costs thus far for SEO… the BIG Return on Investment came during months 5 & 6, which we’ll get to 😉

But you see the drastic improvements & increases from end of month 1. Tulsa is a fairly competitive market online, so this is a great increase in this short time. Let’s jump down to month 4… where the money comes in!


Month 4: Page 1 = Reached


BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Here it is, page 1 is cracked & leads are beginning to flow in at a consistent rate! This is the start of something special. 

Mogul Investment Group had invested $$$ for 4 months of SEO, and look, that investment is paying off! Now let’s look at what month 5 and beyond brought them!


Month 5 And Beyond!!!

Check out these rankings!! Mogul Investment Group continues to bounce between #2 and #5 due to what we like to call the ‘Google Shuffle’ because Google tends to shift rankings around daily, weekly and monthly to give everyone a fair shot at getting some traffic & leads.

During month 5, Adam and Sean got multiple leads that came in that they closed on to be fix and flip/rehabs, which are going to bring them a huge return on investment!

Did it take time for them to see the return from their initial investments the first 5 to 6 months? YES! SEO is NOT instant, but boy oh boy does it pay off at the end!

Check out what Adam said about how Steel Marketing helped their business grow and thrive!

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

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