SEO Case Study: Mobile Notary Jonathan Rexford // Vero Beach, FL

Steel Marketing helps any type of business… even a mobile notary business! I know this might sound odd, and you might ask, “what does a mobile notary do?” Well, exactly what it sounds like they do!

A mobile notary is simply a notary that will travel to wherever you are. The reason someone might call or look up a mobile notary vary but here’s some typical cases of folks who call Jonathan: someone needing a notary after business hours or on weekends, real estate transactions, folks living in a nursing or assisted living facility signing wills or other legal documents, weddings, and just about anything else you can think of!

Jonathan Rexford, based out of the Vero Beach, Florida, area, is well-known as a real estate investor and a real estate mentor, and he also is involved in a few side businesses, one of them is being a mobile notary. Jonathan heard about Steel Marketing from a few real estate investor clients of ours, and he asked if Steel Marketing could help get him ranked in the map pack on Google Searches. And boy did we ever!

Check out where Jonathan ranks now for the primary keyword folks type in to find him!

           What Did Steel Marketing Do?

Before Jonathan came to Steel Marketing, he was averaging a handful of calls a month from his map listing, but after Steel Marketing took over, he was averaging 15-20+ calls a month after just a month or so! Talk about some quick and powerful results!

As you see above, not only is he ranking #1 in the maps but he is showing up in the #2 and #3 spots organically for some citations we made for him… that’s how powerful Steel Marketing’s Seasoned SEO Process is!!!

We optimized his Google My Business (GMB) listing, which we talk a little about here, and we did 350+ local citations. Is that all we did? Of course not! There are more methods to how we got him ranked, but those two things were the foundation of how we got him to this point!

Now this is an unusual case because Jonathan doesn’t even really have a main website like most other businesses we help, so this was strictly a map ranking assignment. But Steel Marketing was still able to get the job done!

See What Jonathan Rexford Says Himself About Steel Marketing:

                              How Can I Have This Same Success?

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