Online Marketing
For Real Estate Investors

Online Marketing
For Real Estate Investors

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Caleb Luketic, owner of Steel Marketing, here! We specialize in helping Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers generate more inbound motivated sellers leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords (PPC), Facebook Ads, and Website Design are just a few things we help investors with! 

Our mission is simple: help Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers create a steady flow of highly motivated sellers through our seasoned and effective online marketing strategies. 

Our marketing tactics have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in wholesale deals, in addition to all of the subject to’s, flips and rentals purchased that resulted from our efforts.

We’ve done marketing for over 20 different industries, but none are quite as complex, specific and fragile as REI. Get the job done right, the first time, with Steel Marketing 😉

What We Offer To Investors & Wholesalers

SEO For Real Estate Investors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We pour the foundation with proper On-Page Optimization, then we continue building trust and authority with our seasoned Off-Page SEO methods, so Sellers find you on Google for years to come.

Google AdWords (PPC)

The way we structure our motivated seller PPC campaigns are different than most. But our campaigns are built for long-term success of being able to consistently generate motivated seller leads on demand.

Retargeting Ads

Sometimes, we call these “Creeper” ads because we follow EVERYONE who’s visited your website all over the web: Facebook, Youtube, News Websites, Shopping Websites and more!

Website Design

We only build custom websites on WordPress. Our websites have similar features that are built for conversions, but we do our best to make the website flow with your brand and your target area.

Let's Get Motivated Sellers CALLING YOU!

How To Generate Motivated Seller Leads Online

Premier Marketing Package

6 Month Agreement - 100% Done For You

Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords (PPC)
Facebook Ads
Retargeting Ads (Facebook, Youtube & Google Display)
Lead Communication Automation; Complete CRM

Elite & Platinum Programs

3 & 4 Month Programs -- Done With You Hybrid

60 Days Done For You Management
Elite - 30 Days Learning How To Manage Yourself
Platinum - 60 Days Building Your Own Management Team
Weekly Coaching Calls
Dedicated Facebook Group For Support
Lead Communication Automation; Complete CRM

Premier Marketing Package

If you’re looking for a done-for-you marketing package, this is it! Our Premier clients experience the best-of-the-best that Steel Marketing has to offer. Not only will we be laying the foundation for your online presence for years to come (SEO), but we’ll help put your business in a position to generate motivated seller leads right out of the gate.

Our Google Adwords campaigns do start slow, but we build them for long-lasting success because we start very focused and expand as needed, rather than the other way around that tends to cost you extra money in AdSpend (which is how most other marketing companies do things).

We’ve learned a thing or two over the years targeting motivated sellers. One big trend we’ve seen: targeting motivated sellers is a whole different ballgame than doing SEO, PPC, etc. for other service businesses like roofers or plumbers because of the specific nature of a motivated seller. Anyone can need or use a roofer, plumber, or lawn care guy but only a very select few are really fit to sell their house at a discount. It’s the little things that will determine whether or not you are getting retail leads or true motivated seller leads, so be sure you’ve got an experienced REI marketing team at your disposal 😉 

The only things you’re asked to do while you’re a Premier client are pay AdSpend, get reviews (and testimony videos), make a few posts on social media a week and create content via our S.T.U.P.I.D. Content Creation process. All-in-all, a total of 15-20 minutes a week — don’t worry, we’ll explain more of the importance of this on our consultation. 

After our initial 6 month agreement, you can either renew for another 6 month agreement or join our Elite or Platinum Coaching Program where we teach you how to manage your campaign for yourself (or hire an in-house team to do it for you).

*** 3rd Party Funding Available. You Can Get Funding Based On OUR Proven Track Record, So You’ve Got Nothing To Lose To Jumpstart Your Business’ Growth! There’s No Reason NOT To Invest In Your Business With Steel Marketing 😉 

Elite Coaching Program

For all of you do-it-yourselfers out there — or those looking to hire an in-house team — our Elite & Platinum Programs are the perfect fit for you. Both 3 and 4 month programs are jam-packed with of ALL of our secret ingredients… yep, we reveal the exact steps you need to follow from A to Z.

You can invest some sweat equity and grow your business on your terms! Plus, we’ll even walk you through hiring an in-house team to help you carry out our seasoned marketing strategies.

So what’s exactly included in the Elite & Platinum programs? 60 days of complete Done For You management of SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & Retargeting Ads. After that 60 days, our Elite program comes with 30 days of us coaching and teaching you how to manage what we built. But with our Platinum program, we show you how to build your own marketing team to manage what we built and created. 

You’re going to immerse yourself in everything Steel Marketing & online marketing in general. Every week on our coaching calls, we’ll have a wide-open Q&A session where we can dive deep into the issues or questions you have — whether technical or tactical in nature. 

You’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time, so as you encounter questions throughout the week, you can rest assured that we’ll cover them on the next call. Plus, you’ll have access to our Elite Facebook group to ask questions!

After your initial investment, you’re able to choose whether or not you want to stay a part of the Facebook community & Weekly coaching calls for a small monthly fee.

Plus, some weeks will come with additional REI-Focused calls where we’ll interview well-known investors to not only help you flourish on the online side of things, but also to help you grow your REI business as a whole.

*** 3rd Party Funding Available. You Can Get Funding Based On OUR Proven Track Record, So You’ve Got Nothing To Lose To Jumpstart Your Business’ Growth! There’s No Reason NOT To Invest In Your Business With Steel Marketing 😉 

*** 100% Funding Available — Invest In Your Business With $0 Out Of Your Own Pocket ***

  1. No Prepayment Penalty
  2. No initial investment required from you
  3. First payment isn’t for 30 days
  4. Everything is broken down into low monthly payments.

What do you do when you flip a house but don’t have the money to buy it + make the repairs? Yep, you get a hard money loan. You’re utilizing (and capitalizing on) other people’s money to grow your own business. It’s no different here. After being thoroughly vetted and approved by our 3rd party funder, now you can jumpstart your business for $0 out of pocket.

Our 3rd party funding partner is funding this investment based on OUR proven success and track record, not solely based on your credit, income, debt to income ratio and all that other stuff a typical bank or lender looks at. To learn more, schedule a consultation, and we’ll walk you through the steps needed to apply.

Before We See Some Testimonies & Examples, Let's Talk Numbers

Does Steel Marketing just work with everyone out there? No, we aren’t the marketing company for every investor or wholesaler, and we are pretty upfront about that with everyone we speak with. We don’t believe in taking someone’s money for the sake of only growing our bank account. What we do provides real long-term value, and we only work with investors or wholesalers that understand what online marketing truly is: an investment, not as an expense. 

We help investors and wholesalers build a long-lasting inbound lead generation system that, if done correctly, will last for years to come. Regardless if you pick our Premier Marketing Package or Elite Coaching Program, we’ll be with you every step of the way guiding you to the largest pool of warm, inbound motivated seller leads from a place called Google 😉

Both of our packages are not a few hundred dollars, in fact, they are a few thousands dollars, so if that scares you, Steel Marketing isn’t the right fit for you. 

If you’d like to explore what Steel Marketing does, as well as see if we’d be a good fit to work together, let’s get a call scheduled.

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    Casey Harper

    Caleb has been great to work with, he is one of the most knowledgeable SEO guys I have worked with.... read more

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    Sasha Tall

    Finding Caleb and Steel Marketing has been a blessing. After wasting a bunch of money on Generation Web and Adwords... read more

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    I really appreciate what Caleb and Steel Marketing have done for me thus far. I've been with other companies who... read more

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    Andrew Spillan

    Caleb and the Steel Marketing have been amazing to work with. I own a niche service company and reached out... read more

    Ed Mograbi Avatar
    Ed Mograbi

    In only 6 months with Steel Marketing my Listings have doubled! Wish I had done this sooner. Thanks so much... read more

    Gordon Watts Avatar
    Gordon Watts

    Calebs marketing strategy is to bombard your potential customer base with automated phone calls, text and emails several times each... read more

  • Michael Mason Avatar
    Michael Mason

    Caleb’s been fantastic through this whole process. He’s super knowledgeable and has the best customer service I’ve ever seen. If... read more

    Mark Bates Avatar
    Mark Bates

    Great people that are able to deliver great results for your buisness. After 2 months they have me in 1st... read more

    Christian Rivera Avatar
    Christian Rivera

    Caleb is amazing! Steel Marketing truly cares for their customers. I have seen them go above and beyond time and... read more


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