Local Citation Services

Local Citations are a necessity for your business because they help Google recognize and trust your brand, which leads to improved and increased rankings organically & on the map pack! Make sure you have a Google My Business set up for your business because that will allow you to list your business on Google for FREE! If you don’t have a GMB set up, we can help do that for you! Check out our A La Carte Services!

Local Citation Packages

Cheaper Local Citations Than Yext

There are hundreds of options out there, but they take days — even weeks — if you do them yourself. Good news, we have the solution for you — plus it only costs about half as much as the leading competitor.

We are able to get your business listed on 350 local citation websites, which is almost double that of Yext. Yext costs $1,000 per YEAR for their best package, our best package is just $450 ONE TIME!

When you cancel with Yext, they remove some of your listings, and there are studies out there that prove it. With us, it is a one-time fee, and your local citations are here to stay… FOREVER!

Why Does My Business Need Local Citations

What are local citations?

Local citations are listings you get when you post your business on Yelp, White Pages, Manta, and other sites across the internet. Google uses these to determine which companies and brands are most trustworthy, and being trustworthy in the eyes of Google is the most IMPORTANT part of Search Engine Optimization and ranking a website.

The one thing you MUST keep consistent is you NAP.

What is NAP and what does it stand for?

NAP stands for your Business name, address and phone number. Your NAP MUST be consistent throughout the internet, or Google will penalize your website and company for it. That’s why, with this package and in our Premiere SEO Package, we audit and fix the broken, incorrect listings you have had previously!

If you’ve recently moved or changed phone numbers, that means your NAP is not 100% correct. Google trusts you more and doesn’t get confused when your NAP is 100% correct across all local citation sites.

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