Facebook… all of us waste tons of time daily on Facebook watching funny videos, catching up on the lives of our friends and usually ending up going down a rabbit trail with something or another. But what if instead of wasting that time, you could capitalize it by getting more customers or clients and making more money?

The simple answer: groups. Facebook groups are the lifeblood of you being able to publicize your business to people in your area. Does it work as well as our premier SEO services? Not quite, but it still is a great method that is effective when coupled with SEO!

So what type of groups should you join? Well first, you need to join all the groups that relate to your niche: real estate, plumbing, roofing, HVAC… there’s a group for every type of business! Make sure you join all the ones that fit your business because you can connect with other people in your area that may do similar work or a way you can create referrals for each other!

After you join those groups that fit your business, it’s time to begin joining groups in your local area: yard sale groups, buy sell trade groups, mom groups, news groups, community groups and any other group that’s solely based in your main area/city you’re based out of.

Why those groups? Well, everyone in that area always goes on there to ask for recommendations for anything they need like a plumber, a roofer, where to get their car repaired, a realtor and anything else they can think of. Usually, people Google what they need first then post in those groups. So if you are always checking those groups, you can get new customers for free just by commenting your information!

Like I said before, if you couple this method with SEO, people will Google and see your business, post on Facebook asking for the same thing and when you comment, you’ll be a step ahead because they’ve already been exposed to your business. The more times they see your business, the more likely they will be to call you and pay you!

Plus, you can share your Facebook business page posts in the group, do live videos of job you’re doing, share testimonials of customers, post pictures of your work and so much more!

Be sure to read the rules BEFORE posting anything in there because some groups forbid any sales posts, promoting your own business unless someone is asking for what you do, etc. — it just really depends on the group’s admin on what they want or have set for the group.

Facebook is one of the best marketing tools you can use out there, especially when you make a game plan for you to use it and market daily!