Frequently Asked Questions


We’ll go through the consultation phase, which will include a full strategy outline that details everything, from A to Z, what we suggest will help your business grow. Once you accept and wish to move forward, we’ll go through our onboarding process, which will include you filling out a form + us having a couple Zoom calls (one after form is filled out, the other after the campaign is ready to launch). And once things are launched, you’ll get weekly email updates if you’re running a paid ads campaign and a monthly email if you’re doing SEO. In addition, at least once a month Zoom calls our team to go over your campaigns to ensure we’re on the exact same page for every facet of your marketing strategy.

Yes!! We never own anything. If you hire a contractor to rehab your kitchen, do they own your whole house? NO, THAT’s CRAZY!! The same to be said for you hiring us for your online marketing campaign. We don’t own a thing, we’re just managing it for you 🙂

It’s 100% hands off! You won’t ever have to manage, tweak or optimize a campaign… that’s why you hired us 😉 We do have a few tasks we request every client to do: take good photos of you on the job, shoot some videos of your team doing what you do & ask customers to leave reviews on Google & Facebook. Aside from those small things, it’s all hands off.

We have all clients fill out a short onboarding form, which you can see here, that allows us to get the access we need depending on the campaign type you’re launching. We’ll hop on a Zoom call once or twice as well to ensure we get all pictures, logos, videos, and information we need about your business. Overall, the initial time investment from folks when they sign up with us is between 30-60 minutes to get us all the items we need.

For one-time services (website building, CRM building, etc.), the full amount is due upfront. If you are doing a recurring service (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), your billing date will renew automatically on the date you start. So if you start a recurring service on the 7th of May then on June 7th, and every 7th of each month thereafter, your billing will renew.

We have every new client fill out our onboarding form . After that, we will have two Zoom meetings. The first to ensure we have all logins necessary, and the second to review campaigns before going live.

For paid traffic, you’ll get a weekly email providing updates, as well as a monthly overview at the end of each month. You’ll also get once a week Zoom calls for the first 4-6 weeks, which will eventually transition to once per month meetings (especially if you’re doing SEO as well) 

For SEO, you’ll get once a month emails with progress and updates plus once a month zoom calls. 

Overall, if you’re doing SEO + paid traffic, we are going to make sure that our monthly sync ups cover all marketing efforts together at the same time, so we are respecting your time.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of gaining trust and authority in Google + all other search engines, so they display your website on page 1 for search terms & phrases related to your industry. 

You have to optimize your website, add proper content & other technical things to ensure Google & all other search engines know about you. And then you must build backlinks coming from other websites pointing back to yours. 

It’s a long term investment without a doubt, especially if you’re getting started. However, you NEVER EVER EVER are paying Google or other search engines a dime to appear at or near the top. It’s all organic, which means it’s all free traffic. You are investing into our strategy, know-how and processes to get people ranked highly when you invest in one of our SEO packages. 

If you go to our SEO Services page, then you’ll see all of our plans outlined there!

This varies upon a ton of factors, but we try to give you the best expirations we can for lead flow. It all depends on your industry, target area, competition, domain authority, website age and more. 

When doing SEO, we follow and track a ton of metrics, but there’s one that we put the biggest emphasis on: traffic. 

You’ll hear lots of SEO guys and gals preach rankings, rankings, rankings, which, don’t get me wrong, is important and is also something we track closely. However, it’s nothing without traffic because, ultimately, if there’s no traffic, there’s no leads!! 

Higher rankings and higher traffic generally correlate, assuming they’re the proper keywords we are ranking for. But our SEO team focuses on finding low hanging fruit, while still pushing for our main/most popular keywords. We have had dozens of clients who were not ranking on page 1 for the most prominent keywords, yet they were making thousands of dollars. Why or how, you ask? Because of our focus on traffic! Going after lower hanging fruit and driving good, relevant traffic.

If your website is a WordPress website, then we can work with it! Otherwise, we’ll need to build one on WordPress because it’s the only platform that allows us to fully optimize every aspect of on-page SEO… everything down to the backend coding. This allows us to optimize every sliver of the website to ensure Google knows exactly who you are! We’re happy to schedule a demo call to go over every aspect of why in more depth, if you’d like 🙂


Google Ads, otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, is a bidding platform that allows you to place your ads at the top of Google’s search results for the exact search phrases you’d like. There are many toggles and switches that are needed to be pulled to ensure your campaign runs as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, it is a great way to instantly get highly motivated leads from your ideal customers.

A Google Ads account and some money! That’s keeping it simple, but honestly, you need to have a budget typically of $1500 in total a month on the low low low end to make it worth your while. And Google does make it really easy to sign up and get going.

We always use our client’s ad accounts unless they request us to create one for them. Our clients always own their ad accounts. We are simply just managers.

We NEVER take your adspend money. That goes directly to Google Ads. We only charge you our management fees on a monthly basis

It takes our team about a week to get everything from you we need, build the campaigns out and launch them!

We will either send traffic to our landing pages we create or your website. We will split test til we’re blue in the face! We want to get your campaign the best results possible, so we’ll test it consistently to ensure we’re getting the highest conversion rate possible.

We charge you based on the amount of AdSpend you’re spending. All of our PPC pricing can be viewed here.

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides us different interest categories to target, but Facebook determines which people are placed into each interest. So we really have no idea who our ads are being shown to until we test it. We are paying Facebook to use their algorithm to find our ideal customer based on the set of descriptions we provide from targeting, interests and a few other factors they provide us to choose from.

You need a Facebook business account, money and good, compelling Ads to get people to take action. On Google Ads, it’s a little easier to get leads because those folks are already searching for your product or service. On Facebook, you have to convince people to stop what they are doing and come check out your website, form or landing page.

We’ll do a complete outline with you of your ideal customer. Once we have that information and description from you, we’ll research interests that may best fit your customer description. From there, we will test all interests we find that are close to matching to see which interest is performing the best during the course of your campaign.

Facebook is good for any business, but you need to be aware and cautious of a few things. If you’re a plumber or roofer, for example, your customers usually call AFTER something bad has happened because they seek you out on Google… not Facebook. A brand awareness campaign about your business could be great but don’t expect a ton of leads and ROI from that. 

If you have a product or service that you’re introducing to someone they wouldn’t necessarily think about, like pressure washing, offering to buy their house or selling a phone accessory, then Facebook ads are perfect for you to drive sales! 

If you’re trying to determine whether or not Facebook Ads is the right investment for your business, schedule a consultation with us and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

Website Design

We exclusively build all of our websites on the WordPress platform, and the reason for that is this: we build all of our sites with these two things in mind: SEO and conversions. Yes, our websites look pretty, but they’re built to rank well on Google and generate traffic into leads. WordPress gives us the best ability to put our clients in the best position possible.

It’s typically between a 3-6 week process depending on how busy our team is and how many pages your site is. On average, it’s a 4 week process. We have at least once per week meetings with you to show progress, updates and get your feedback along the way!

YES!!! 100% YES!!!! This is important. We NEVER have ownership of your site once a project is completed. Think of us like a contractor coming in to remodel your house: just because we put in new kitchen cabinets and countertops doesn’t mean we own your whole house… that’d be crazy.

We can host your website for $50/month, or, if you invest in any one of our SEO plans, hosting is included. Or you do have the ability to secure your own hosting platform to host the site. It doesn’t matter to us!

Our base price for a website build is $3500 for up to 10 service pages. This usually encompasses mostly everyone. If you’re building a bigger we site or e-commerce website, the pricing will be custom to you project itself.

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