Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO prices are based off these factors: online competition, city population & how much previous SEO work you've had done to the site. Those are ranked in order from greatest to least, so the more competition you have, the more it's going to take to get you ranked ahead of them! We'll go over all the prices for your particular niche & market during our consultation!

What Is Your SEO Process?

Our seasoned SEO process includes a variety of ranking techniques to help improve your organic rankings & map pack rankings. Some things include local citations, web 2.0, high authority links & more! We can't give away everything pertaining to our process online because we don't want our competition or your competition figuring out our process, so we go over it more in detail on our consultation calls 😉

Is SEO Going To Work For My Small Business?

Absolutely! What we do is look at the best keywords people are searching on Google, and we rank your website for those highly searched keywords! One of our clients is a plumber in a city of about 40,000 people, and he gets so many calls every week he can't keep up! He has to turn jobs down because he can't get to them all. So SEO can be effective for any business, no matter your market city size!

Which Is Best: SEO or PPC?

For us, we prefer SEO... here's why: when you stop paying for your ads, your listing goes away. But with SEO, people can find you at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. We also ran a split test from a Sunday-Thursday in June 2018 on our real estate investment website. If we wanted to equal the traffic/clicks we generated from SEO, we would've had to spend $17,000+ to do so. SEO is MUCH cheaper in the long run!

Is SEO A One-Time Purchase Or Ongoing?

Most people assume SEO is a one-time expense, but that's not true! You have to upkeep your SEO to make sure your competition doesn't over take you. Now, it is MUCH cheaper to keep you ranked at the top rather than getting you there. Think of SEO like working out: if you stop working out after you are able to bench press 300 pounds, you lose muscle mass & you're not able to lift what you once were. You have to constantly take reps to continue to lift 300 pounds.

Am I Responsible For Anything During My SEO Campaign?

Great question! Yes and no... here's what I mean: We handle everything related to SEO, but there are a couple things we ask of you.

  1. Get testimony videos & written reviews on Google and BBB from your clients
  2. Share a post & link to Facebook & social media every day from your personal page & business page

That's it! We take care of everything else. The reason we ask you to do those 2 things is because testimonials will help convert traffic from your website, and by you posting on Facebook & social media, it will help with your SEO campaign and also give you an opportunity to earn business from friends and people in the community!

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