SEO Case Study: West Walker Steel

SEO Case Study: West Walker Steel // Multiple Cities Across US

This company — aside from having a sweet logo, especially if you’re a Pittsburgher — buys and sells secondary steel. So they buy steel that has something wrong with it, and they turn it into steel rolls and coils, which can then be transformed into anything that their clients may need.

West Walker Steel mainly serves clients in the follow areas: Alpharetta, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and their home office in Grand Rapids. West Walker Steel had never done any online marketing, but found Steel Marketing from a Google search, leading them to decide to launch their first SEO campaign! Let’s go into what all Steel Marketing did for them:


Like I mentioned previously, West Walker Steel sells secondary steel to folks in all those cities that span almost from coast to coast in the US. They were wanting to go after a national campaign essentially, which can be super complicated especially for such a targeted niche. 

They had a website built, but they never did anything with it other than drive some traffic to it from mailing campaigns, sending it in emails and driving clients to it to check out their stock & inventory. We needed to do a complete overhaul… let’s get into what we did.

What We Did:

We had to edit and rewrite all their content on their site, create city pages, optimize all their images and everything included in on-page optimization. 

Now, this is what happens when you have an authoritative domain. While West Walker Steel didn’t have a full SEO campaign going on, they have owned their domain since the early 2000’s, so that provided them a large advantage as opposed to having a newer domain because Google had seen, crawled and knew their site. So when I made edits, created pages and did Schema markup & XML sitemaps, Google took notice of this aged domain REAL QUICK. 

Check out these rankings at the end of just MONTH 1!!

Holy cheese!! Look at these results! They didn’t have any city pages created, barely any content and they were NOT any where close to being ranked #1… in fact, their rankings were non-existent for all these cities. We created those city pages, optimized and within a matter of 2 weeks, these were the results!!!

This screenshot is from the end of month 1, and it’s been crazy ever since! During the 3rd month of their SEO campaign, we 30X’d their traffic coming to their site. Yeah… you read that right: 30X the traffic coming to the site. 

Even with this being a small niche that does not have tens of thousands of people searching like a plumber or a roofer, the people who need their specialized services are finding them now because of what we did in month 1 and what we continue to do every day for them!

How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap.

Steel Marketing makes taking that leap easy because we have a 90 day money back guarantee that if we can't increase your rankings, you get you money back! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!

No matter what type of business you own and operate — real estate, roofing, plumbing, car sales, pest control or anything else — Steel Marketing can help generate more business for you than you ever thought possible!



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