SEO Case Study: My Florida Home Buyers

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My Florida Home Buyers SEO Case Study | Steel Marketing

My Florida Home Buyers is a real estate investment company based out of Central Florida, just outside of Orlando. Their main target area is is actually the suburbs of Orlando because, like lots of other investors, Matt, owner of My Florida Home Buyers, didn’t want to deal with the saturation Orlando has. Before hearing about Steel Marketing through a friend, Matt had worked on his own SEO and Adwords, and had some pretty success in a few markets. He had generated leads, but they never closed any deals from his SEO efforts.

Matt saw what we had done for a few other folks in REI, so he decided to give us a shot with just SEO while he continued to manage his Google AdWords (PPC).

Matt joined on with Steel Marketing in the summer of 2019, and we had some great success right off the bat. When we started out, Matt had an average ranking position of about 27, which is pretty darn good for a business owner doing SEO in his spare time! He had #1 rankings for over a dozen small cities, but he knew he needed more to be successful in generating multiple deals per month.

DAY 1 Rankings

Like I said, not too shabby for someone who did their own SEO in their spare time.

Day 3 Rankings

Check this out!!! Just 2 days after we finished optimizing their site, Google recognized the proper optimization and rewarded them with some killer increases! 10 new keywords to be found in the top 3, and an overall jump of 19.1 spot on his average ranking!! Woah! That’s awesome for pretty much 3 days into the process.

But wait… there’s more! Their First Deal!!!