SEO Case Study: I Will Buy House

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I Will Buy House SEO Case Study | Steel Marketing

I Will Buy House is a real estate investment company based in Seattle, Washington, and owners, Alex and Viktor, target a whole bunch of cities in the greater Seattle area. I Will Buy House’s website had some pretty good domain authority, along with other SEO metrics, thanks to the SEO work Alex had done on the website. They had hired some SEO guys, had done some work themselves, but, ultimately, they just weren’t satisfied with where their efforts left them.

Alex heard about Steel Marketing through Facebook. He’d been following along for a little while with things Steel Marketing would post, share and groups we’d interact in within the REI community. Eventually, he reached out — my guess is he’s probably pretty happy he did 😉 

Alex & Viktor had done some SEO deals in the past, but they just never could seem to get over the hump for a few keywords. That was a big target when we first started was to go after those struggling keywords. Another thing Steel Marketing brought to their attention was the lack of reach to outskirt cities. They had spent so much time focusing on the metro area of Seattle that they almost forgot about all the other smaller surrounding towns. We built out city pages for every city they wanted to target (not a small list either), and seemingly overnight, they skyrocketed to the top in a bunch of cities. 

DAY 3 Into The Process

Just 3 days into our SEO process, their website shot up in rankings. Those smaller cities they never really focused on… yeah, they were ranking in the top 3 for a large majority of them (they even got a few calls coming in from those outskirt cities over the first few weeks, too).

Another big focus for these guys was getting ranked in the Google Map Pack, so we started our effective and seasoned process… it led to them crushing it across the board in the maps and organic rankings.