SEO Case Study: Henry Buys Homes

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Henry Buys Homes is a real estate investment company based out of Jacksonville, Florida, and they do a wide variety of things in real estate: wholesaling, fix n flips, rentals, and Henry, the owner, is a licensed agent as well. These guys can do it all!

Back in February of 2019, Henry got in touch with Steel Marketing after talking to other clients of ours who were (and still are) having incredible successes, and he wanted to get a piece of the Google pie himself! Henry Buys Homes had done some online marketing on their own — they had also done Google Adwords/PPC with other companies with some minor success — with their Carrot website. If you’re a real estate investor or wholesaler and you don’t have a Carrot site, I highly recommend signing up — the large majority of Steel Marketing’s real estate clients use Carrot. You can check out their Plans and Pricing here.

Day 1: Before We Edited & Optimized The Website

As you can see, they were in a similar starting position to most folks who come to Steel Marketing needing help with SEO. He did not have ANY keywords in the top 3 on page 1 when he started with Steel Marketing… ZERO!!

On-Page Optimization is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT step in the SEO process because it builds the foundation for everything else to come.

Check out this screenshot below… just the next day.

Day 2 — the day after we optimized & got reindexed into Google.

Man oh man… in just one day, we launched 7 new keywords onto page 1, 4 of which were in the top 3. That’s some pretty incredible results from purely on-page optimization, but these results are pretty darn typical here at Steel Marketing 😉

End Of Month 1

End Of Month 2

As you can see, Henry saw incredible success through the first 2 months of his SEO campaign. Steel Marketing got him at the top in just about every surrounding city he wanted to generate leads in within that 2 month time frame. But there was still work to be done within Jacksonville itself.

We were tracking around 7-8 of the main keywords, and all but 2 were on page 1 — the others were lagging behind a little, which is usual, sitting on page 2.

Jacksonville is a pretty competitive market when it comes to real estate investing, so the fact that in only 2 months we moved a dozen keywords into the top 3 is simply incredible! Something we tell our clients all the time: Trust The Process!

What’s our main goal with every client? Get them to #1 of course! We got Henry ranked in the coveted Map Pack within the first 3 months, which resulted in leads flowing in. But the organic top spots were held by Express Home Buyers, We Buy Ugly Houses and a few others that we still had to dethrone.

Reaching The Top

Now, these screenshots are all fun and games, but let’s fast forward 5 months shall we?

Here at Steel Marketing, we’ve been relentless with our SEO process… doing everything we normally do for our clients. But something flipped a switch with Google.

It’s just a regular Tuesday night until I get a text from Henry, and he told me that he was #1 for one of the main keywords that he’d been fluctuating between 3-5 for a couple of months… then all of a sudden, we broke through — even over top national competitors like Express Home Buyers and others 😉

We recommend this to all of our clients who do SEO: stick with it for 6 months. Steel Marketing doesn’t do contracts, but our clients have to make that commitment to themselves. I bet Henry is glad he did listened 😉

When we started, Henry was assuming it’d take closer to a year to get to this point… it took 5 months!

Now are we done and going to sit around and bask in the glory of one keyword’s ranking? Absolutely not! We won’t rest until every keyword for Henry is #1, and then when all of them are, we’ll go find more keywords & get him ranked #1 for those, too!!

If you take one thing away from reading this, it should be this: trust the process. Steel Marketing’s seasoned SEO process works, and as you can see from all of our case studies, it works in multiple industries across the entire United States!!

How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap.

Steel Marketing makes taking that leap easy because we have a 90 day money back guarantee that if we can’t increase your rankings, you get you money back! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!

No matter what type of business you own and operate — real estate, roofing, plumbing, car sales, pest control or anything else — Steel Marketing can help generate more business for you than you ever thought possible!

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