SEO Case Study: Pro Plumbing

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SEO Case Study: Pro Plumbing // Manchester, TN

Pro Plumbing is owned by Andrew Francis, and he services Manchester, TN. He was with another SEO company for over 2 years before he found Steel Marketing. He knew that Google was a great way to get traffic, but the company he hired to do his SEO did not do what they said they would.

The company he hired, which shall remain nameless & we’ll call ABC SEO throughout the entirety of this post, bought his domain name, built him a website, created his Google My Business page & did SEO for him. Andrew gave Steel Marketing a call one day, and he saw our 90 day money back guarantee, which is what he said made the decision easy for him to switch!

Here’s Where Things Got Tricky With ABC SEO Company:

The website he had was created by this ABC SEO Company, and Andrew didn’t have ownership of anything. So when he called to cancel their SEO services, they flipped out on him, threatened him and told him that he would never succeed with them… that’s a little over the top and rude! 

What Steel Marketing Did:

We saw the problem, so we fixed it! We bought him a new domain name, built him a new website and created a brand new Google My Business. Want to know the best part? We gave Andrew ownership of it all! It’s his company, his domain, his website and his office address used, so why on earth would someone try to hold that hostage? 

His previous ABC SEO company got him ranked to page 3, which I don’t have a screenshot of unfortunately, but even though Steel Marketing had to scrap his old site, buy a brand new domain with ZERO authority, we got him ranked on page 1 in 2 months time. These keywords get hundreds of searches every single month. Andrew was barely getting any calls before, and he was struggling to come up with leads because of what this other horrible ABC SEO Company did to him.

But do you know what Steel Marketing was able to do for him? We got him so much business that he might have to hire another plumber! No joke, check out the text from him!

Yeah, I asked him for his t-shirt size. Why is that? Because every Steel Marketing client gets some sweet Steel Marketing swag that includes an awesome looking (and feeling) t-shirt to rep! Can’t lose site of the sweet Steel Marketing gear you get 😉

But look at what he said: he’s got so much work that he doesn’t know what to do. I asked him if he knew of anyone else who might be interested in getting some SEO work done, but he said he told a bunch of people (we talked on the phone later & he said he talked to about 7 or 8 friends he knows who own businesses across Middle TN). Yet most people are too scared to take that big leap! You have got to take that leap!!! SEO can revolutionize the way you do business, so don’t be scared, don’t back down, don’t get overwhelmed: fight through it and be an overcomer! SEO is the way to generate the biggest ROI that you’ve ever SEEN in your life! Get ready because your business will never be the same 🙂

How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap.

Steel Marketing makes taking that leap easy because we have a 90 day money back guarantee that if we can’t increase your rankings, you get you money back! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!

No matter what type of business you own and operate — real estate, roofing, plumbing, car sales, pest control or anything else — Steel Marketing can help generate more business for you than you ever thought possible!

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