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Here at Steel Marketing, we believe in providing you with all the necessary facts to help you make the decision to start doing SEO — whether that be our insightful blog posts or our results from real businesses all over the country. But a big one is showing you where people are ranking, and the success they’ve had because that’s really encouraging to see: where they started, what it looked like in the middle and what the ‘end’ product looks like — even though SEO is an on-going process, still is nice to see where/when they started generating leads & money!!

So we had an idea: let’s share current client rankings… whether they have been on for a week or a month. This way, you get to see what progress looks like from day 1 to day wherever that particular client is at!

What Are You Looking At?

The screenshots below show a few pieces of information: Average Position, Keyword Distribution and Keyword Change.

Average Position: The average position shows the average of all of the Google Rankings we are tracking. So if they had 5 keywords with the following number rankings: 1, 2, 2, 5, 3. We’d go back to elementary math and find the average: 13/5 = 2.6, so the average position is 2.6.

Keyword Distribution: The keyword distribution is the coolest tracking tool we have by far! This section breaks down where keywords are ranking at: top 3, top 10 and top 100. Both top 3 and top 10 appear on page 1, which is definitely where our target range is for clients. This section shows the increases and decreases of each category. Here’s one little caveat to how the system tracks increases and decreases: if the top 3 shows an overall increase of 8, while the top 10 and top 100 show a decrease of 3 and 5, respectively, then the only reason a decrease shows in the top 10 and top 100 is because those 8 total keywords moved from being in the top 10 and top 100 to landing in the top 3.

Keyword Change: The keyword change section shows an overall up and down of all keywords tracked. So whether a keyword increased 1 spot or 25 spots, it’ll still show a +1 in the Green ‘Went Up’ Section.

We hope this is helpful for you in your pursuit of finding what marketing method(s) will help grow your business like never before! We hope you enjoy!!

Updated on August 22, 2019.

Ohio Cash Buyers // Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Cash Buyers had invested some resources into their SEO before getting into contact with Steel Marketing, and like many of our current clients, Ohio Cash Buyers saw the successes of other REI business that worked with Steel Marketing. OCB wanted to get in on the action themselves and generate more leads & do more deals.

Carrot was and is a big part of their success, so if you’re an investor, you should check out what Carrot offers.

When we started out, these guys had a pretty solid domain authority, but they were still missing some very key and crucial things. We did our seasoned on-page SEO process, and added some incredibly authoritative backlinks from our network of websites we own… the results speak for themselves!

Screenshot #1 was taken on the day we started, and screenshot #2 was just N I N E DAYS into the process… talk about a crazy amazing jump!!

Colorado Cash For Keys // Denver, Colorado

Colorado Cash For Keys kicked off their SEO & PPC campaigns with Steel Marketing at the beginning of July, and previously, they had never done SEO with another company before. Their domain & Investor Carrot site were pretty fresh, so there wasn’t much authority sitting there. Like we’ve said before, most of our real estate investor clients use Carrot, and we are absolutely huge fans of what they offer. You can go check out their Pricing & Plans here!

Step one of our process was to optimize their site (aka on-page SEO), step two was to begin our off-page SEO process. Take a look for yourself at how that turned out…

Screenshot #1 is Day 1, BEFORE we optimized the site, screenshot #2 is the day after we optimized the site and screenshot #3 is 2 days after we optimized the site.

Take a look at that explosion right out of the gate!!!! As you can clearly see, on-page optimization is an extremely crucial part of the SEO process that is too often overlooked by other “SEO Companies.”

As we near the end of month 1 for them, here’s where their rankings currently sit. As you can see, we’ve still got more work to be done, but month 1 was nothing short of extremely successful!

The Owner Finance Group // Austin, Texas

The Owner Finance Group is a real estate investment company based out of Austin, Texas. OFG’s owner was really looking for an online lead generation solution, and he happened to see and talk with a few Steel Marketing clients. The success he saw, the client reviews and in-person testimonials… he was ready to give it a shot.

When we started out, OFG was no where on Google. They had a newer website through Carrot, but there was hardly any work done to it… it was essentially a fresh out of the box Carrot site.

Steel Marketing took over, optimized the website, started our seasoned processes and take a look at the results!

Screenshot #1 was taken on the day we started, Screenshot #2 was 3 days into our process and Screenshot #3 was 7 days into it!

If you haven’t caught on yet, Steel Marketing brings legit results to businesses… no denying that 😉 

Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling // Dallas, Texas

Pro Brush Painting & Remodeling is a general contracting company based out of Arlington, Texas, but they service the entire DFW metroplex. They offer lots of residential and commercial services from painting, remodeling, cabinet refinishing, garage floor epoxy and so much more.

When Pro Brush first started talking with Steel Marketing, they were with another SEO company who had them ranking well for painting keywords, but there was only one problem… Pro Brush didn’t want that many painting jobs. Pro Brush has evolved and grown, and the business wanted to bring more attention to their remodeling aspect of the business. Their other SEO company, from how it was told to us, wasn’t helping them grow in that direction.

Steel Marketing built Pro Brush a brand new website focusing & highlighting the services they wanted, perfected the on-page optimization and their rankings shot up almost immediately!

Screenshot #1 are the rankings from their old site, and screenshot #2 is just 7 days after their new website went live. Pro Brush, at this point in time, hasn’t launched our Premier SEO Package yet, but they will be very soon. Even still, just from properly optimizing a website, their rankings took a massive leap!

Spartan Sealcoating // South New Jersey

Spartan Sealcoating offers asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repair, asphalt maintenance, parking lot line striping and more to the residents of South New Jersey — they also have a lawn care & property maintenance division of their business.

Spartan’s owner, Chris, had built out a website on his own using Wix (not a great choice for website builds… WordPress is the best of the best!), and had done some SEO-type things on his own. But he never really dove super deep into it himself or hired anyone else. He saw what Steel Marketing was doing for other people in his industry, so he wanted to reach out to see what we could do for him.

After talking and building a game plan around him and his business, we decided to just go ahead and build out a new, fully optimized WordPress website then wait about a month to start our full SEO process — yeah, we’re not going to push folks into doing things they aren’t ready to do yet!! We’re here to work with businesses and help them grow and make more money, not suck them dry!

Screenshot #1 is day 1 (right before his new website was completed), Screenshot #2 was 4 days after his new site was built and Screenshot #3 is 7 days after his new website was built:

Talk about a massive increase!!!! Just absolutely insane how IMPORTANT our on-page SEO process is — which you definitely should read more about here in The Overlooked Foundation Of SEO article we wrote… there’s some good nuggets in there 😉

In a matter of a week, we doubled the amount of keywords they had in the top 3 and added 14 keywords into the top 10 (aka page 1)!!

We haven’t even started our full SEO process yet and these guys are already generating leads. In the first week, they generated 4 new leads — all of which they said are viable leads that could turn into closed business.

Synergy HomeBuyers // Fayetteville, NC

Synergy HomeBuyers started doing SEO with Steel Marketing in mid-April of 2019, and before on-boarding with us, they didn’t have a website at all. So we did what we do for most of our clients, build out an Investor Carrot website for them — which if you’re a real estate investor and you’re not using Carrot, you definitely need to consider it! Here’s a link to their pricing & plans.

Screenshot number 1 shows where they were when they started, which has an average position of 100 meaning that they didn’t show anywhere at all on Google.

Screenshot 2 is the day after we completed the site.

Screenshot 3 is 2 days after we completed the site.

Screenshot 4 is 4 days after we completed the site.

Holy mackerel!!!!!!!! Look at that INSANE jump from non-existent to a total of 24 keywords (5 in top 3, 19 in spots 4-10) on page 1 in FIVE DAYS!!!

They’ve been climbing ever since. As it sits now here in early June 2019, they are nearing the end of month 2, but they’ve ALREADY generated leads — heck, these guys got like 3 leads in their second week with Steel Marketing. Things are picking up steam and are only going to increase.


The screenshot below is their current rankings — they’re 3.5 months into their SEO campaign and doing mighty fine 😉

ClearChoice Sealing & Striping // Paducah, KY

ClearChoice is an asphalt sealcoating company based out of Paducah, Kentucky, but they service much of Southern Kentucky, Northern Tennessee and parts of Illinois & Missouri. These guys didn’t have a website, so they called upon Steel Marketing in April of 2019 to build them a great, high converting website, which we definitely did!

They weren’t anywhere whatsoever on Google when we started with them, so they were 100% non-existent… then we did this with them:

^^^ please take another look at that image: 23 top 3 keywords in SEVEN (7) days flat after we completed their website build — before this, they had absolutely zero web presence.

These guys just continue to rise and rise! We built our their site at the end of April, and we finished at the beginning of May 2019. In June, they kicked off their SEO campaign to completely dominate their market, and here’s their rankings at the start of their SEO campaign:

After just two months of SEO, they are just obliterating their competition… 30 keywords are in the top 3 — 17 of those 30 are #1 overall rankings!!

My Florida Home Buyers // Sorrento, FL

My Florida Home Buyers is a real estate investment company that buys houses in Central Florida — Orlando and Surrounding. When they first reached out to Steel Marketing, they were actually ranking relatively well in some of their main target cities. But their owner knew that where they were wasn’t going to cut it.

These guys joined Steel Marketing in mid-May so at the time of these screenshots, they are right smack dab in the middle of their first month of SEO.

As you can see in the first screenshot, they actually started out with 12 keywords in the top 3 positions before Steel Marketing went in to make the necessary edits for on-page optimization.

^^TWO DAYS^^ later they had 22 keywords in the top 3 and 7 in the top 10!!! Talk about a sweet increase! They’ve already generated a couple leads in the first month, and we’ll continue on with our goal of getting all keywords in the top 3! But this is another great example of the quick and effective results Steel Marketing can get for your business!

Below is a screenshot of their rankings after 3 months of SEO. Overall, incredible gains have been had. SEO definitely has its ebbs and flows, but the important thing to keep in mind here is dollars made… after about 2.5 months of doing SEO, they locked up their first, of many, contracts. Let the positive ROI BEGIN!!

Let Steel Marketing Help Grow Your Business

Obviously, these aren’t all of our campaigns we’re working on… we could go on and on for days, but we hope this list of businesses helps paint a little clearer picture of how dominant the Steel Marketing ranking process is. I mean, these are MASSIVE jumps in literally DAYS that all these businesses experienced. 

If you’d like more detail on any one of these businesses, we’d be happy to show you some more ins and outs of their campaign in an effort to answer a question you have or address a concern you may have. 

Schedule a Consultation with Steel Marketing today, and let’s figure out a game plan to explode the success of your business!


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