SEO Case Study: Four 19 Properties

SEO Case Study: Four 19 Properties // Granbury, TX

Four 19 Properties is a real estate investment company based out of Granbury, Texas, which is near the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They had went on to Google one day to do some scouting on people in other parts of the US who did SEO. 
They happened to Google keywords like “sell my house fast Nashville” and found one of our other real estate clients. They saw our signature in the footer of the website, went to our site and gave us a call… the rest is history! 


Steel Marketing built Four 19 Properties a brand new site, created all city pages and optimized it. Owner Shayla bought her domain name just weeks prior to giving Steel Marketing a call, so there was no SEO done, zero domain authority and their business was not listed on any local citation sites.

Month 1

So in Month 1, you’ll notice that there is a ‘/’ next to a few keywords… that means that keyword is ranked higher than 100. So just after 1 month, Steel Marketing was able to get Four 19 Properties ranked on page 1 for a few cities in just 1 month after having absolutely no SEO work done to it! Four 19 Properties wanted to go after Fort Worth & Arlington, so we went after both pretty hard! After a couple months, they wanted to focus primarily on Arlington, so that’s where our focus went around month 3 to month 4. As you’ll see below, months, 3, 4 and 5 shows a great increase, and landing a keyword for Arlington #3 overall! Steel Marketing’s seasoned process is at work all throughout Four 19’s rankings!

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

How We Did It:

Steel Marketing’s seasoned SEO process made this happen in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the entire country. We put our methods to the test on this brand new site, and we got Four 19 Properties up to #3 overall in Arlington in just 5 months. We built trust, authority and consistency in Google’s eyes! The in’s and out’s of exactly what we do is something we can’t publish all over the internet because we don’t want your competition finding out what we do because they they’d be taking all your business 😉 


Four 19 Properties decided to take a step back from SEO, which caused most, if not all their rankings to fall from page 1. So if you’ve tried to look them up, you won’t find them anywhere. We keep records of all clients from where they started & where they ended each month with us. Those screenshots of records are above, but this is a great reminder of how important it is to keep up with SEO because if you don’t, you’ll lose all your momentum.

How Can I Have This Same Success?

The answer to this questions is EASY: you just have to take that leap.

Steel Marketing makes taking that leap easy because we have a 90 day money back guarantee that if we can't increase your rankings, you get you money back! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION!!

No matter what type of business you own and operate — real estate, roofing, plumbing, car sales, pest control or anything else — Steel Marketing can help generate more business for you than you ever thought possible!


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